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Re: Are cedar chips harmful to plants as a mulch?

Date: Sun Aug 1 02:25:06 2010
Posted By: Royce Moncur, Staff, General Science and Environment, Outside Input School Services
Area of science: Botany
ID: 1276971022.Bt

Hi Beckie. Dad's always know best..... but.... 

There is no problem with acid. Cedar chips last a long time. They look 
good. They slow weed growth. They keep the moisture in and protect from 
cold and heat. All good things. 

Some small animals may not like them, but others will. 

The main problem is that the bugs that break down the chips will use a 
lot of nitrogen to do it. Plant need this. So you might need to fertilize 
with a nitrogoneous fertilizer if you do use them. Eventually though, 
they will rot down and improve the soil. 

So.. IMHO... use the chips! 

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