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Subject: How to measure the Acidity of an atmosphere?

Date: Sun Sep 5 07:18:50 2010
Posted by Kevin
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as I am interested in the exploration of space, I have found a fact several
years ago which had puzzled me. A website stated, that one of the the first
Soviet probes to Venus actually had carried an instrument in its landing capsule
which was for "measuring the acidity of the Venusian atmosphere". Now, the
normal ph-Meter (as you can buy it) relies on the fact that a measurement with
it is taken in an aqueous solution. How do I measure the acidity of the air? Can
it be done by running a sample of the air through water, thus obtaining a
solution on which the pH-Meter can be used? Which other methods are possible?

Re: How to measure the Acidity of an atmosphere?

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