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Re: what is the difference between hardness, elasitc molulus?

Date: Sun Nov 14 17:25:25 2010
Posted By: James Griepenburg, , Chemical consultant, Chemmet Services
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1286373213.Eg

All these terms are discussed in a Materials Science text book and are 
fairly well covered in the following Wikipedia links.  Read up.

Elastic Modulus


Tensile strength

Elastic modulus is the slope of the linear stress-strain curve with no 
deformation of the material.  Tensile is the force per unit area necessary 
to deform or break the material. Hardness is a measurement of the distance 
a specific indentor penetrates into a material with a known force.  
Hardness and tensile strength are linearly related so hardness can be used 
as a fast measurement of tensile on the same materials.  Since the 
measurements are all force on unit areas the units are usually Pascals
[newtons/sq.m] or PSI[lbs/sq. in] altho hardness values are usually 
expressed in a scale from the specific machine used to test.

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