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Subject: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, (S.I.D.S.). significant contributing factor?

Date: Thu Jan 6 23:41:34 2011
Posted by paul
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City: Canberra State/Province: A.C.T. Country: Australia.
Area of science: Medicine
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could the placing of some new born babies, in audio deficient enviroments 
(very quiet rooms),unlike the womb and mothers arms; cause their developing 
brains to become jammed like a "switch" (lack of audio clues/feedback) neither 
on/awake/manual,nor off/asleep/auto, as in heartbeat/breathing. *an observable 
behaviour in young babies is; every few minutes or so, they jolt awake-while 
their limbs give a quick jerking motion and they take an inbreath 
simultaneously. this seems to be a brain training excersize.*perhaps through 
genetic predisposition, or a specific d.n.a. switch is defective or atrophic, 
that audio deficient enviroments expose this hazard. might the above be a 
significant contributing factor, to this fatal mystery. Paul McFarland.7/1/11. 

Re: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, (S.I.D.S.). significant contributing factor?

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