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Subject: Can we develop a freshwater octopus as tought as a turtle?

Date: Tue Jan 18 00:06:34 2011
Posted by Tiago
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Area of science: Zoology
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When i was a kid i've had a few pet turtles.First was a land turtle that once
hid inside a toybox foralmost a week, andnother time after a few dayswe found
her sleeping behind the fridge, both timeswhen we found her she was prety much
as active and responsive as ever. Someyears laterihad a few river turtles, when
my depression hit me hard, i hardly ever changed the tank water (and always
straight from the faucet), we could smell it anywhere in the appartment in the
worst days, fter few not very prodctiv atempts at setingupan improvd filter
system i realized i didn't had whatittook totakecare ofthem and gavethemaway,
but they showd no sign of illness, malnurishment noranything.Alsothere wasthis
bigger land turtle stay# with my grandparents forawhile,kids being kids weonce
placdher towalk on this bodyboard floating in the pool, eventually shewalkdtoo
closeto theedge and tookadive, i was scard'cause withthemomentum shewentalmost
twometersdeep b4 floting back up,but when she surfacd she easily swamround
thesurface b4 we pulldherout,seems neither the surprise dive nor the chlorinated
water affected her in anyway,backonlandshe seemedjustfine.
Theotherdayi wasreadngbout petoctopuscare andthere areallsortsofdetails that
canhurtthemiftheyaren'tcontrold carefuly, copercontent
saltwatertank. My qstn is, using selective breeding and perhaps some genetic
engineering, can we today create an octopus species that lives just fine in tap
water, in a chlorinated pool, in a tank with too much waste+algae etc, survive
being lost or forgoten for at least around a week out of it's place, be ok with
falling from a sunbath into cold water etc? What about a land based octopus
species, needing no water tank?

Re: Can we develop a freshwater octopus as tought as a turtle?

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