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Subject: Does the heart think?

Date: Mon Mar 14 00:00:28 2011
Posted by robert price
Grade level: undergrad School: conners college
City: muskogee State/Province: ok Country: us
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 1300086028.Ns

Hello.  Please help clarify something.  A friend of mine recently told me that
the brain does not cause or create thoughts, it merely processes them. 
According to her, the heart has neurons just like the brain, so the heart
actually can think.  She also asserted that there is growing evidence from
cellular memory and "heart brain" studies in neurocardiology to suggest that the
heart plays a greater role in the development of thoughts than the brain does. 
She claimed that the heart can "remember" and cases in human heart transplants
have documented it.  Taking a cursory glance around the internet shows that she
is not alone in her thinking.  This all seems so bizarre to me.  Is any of it

Re: Does the heart think?

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