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Subject: Cryonic Suspension and A.I.D.s virus

Date: Sun Apr 17 15:27:57 2011
Posted by Shawn
Grade level: undergrad School: Empire State College
City: Rochester State/Province: NY Country: U.S.A
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1303079277.Gb

I had been thinking about the A.I.D.s virus and all.  I was wondering if an 
A.I.D.s patient was place in suspended animation by the use of Hydrogen 
Sulfide Gas and had all of their infected blood removed from their body.  How 
long would it take the rest of the virus residing in the patient's organs to 
die off?  Since the virus residing in the organs would lack new healthy cells 
to replicate its dna on.  I figure once that happens, what if new healthy 
donor blood was injected back into the patient and he or she was resesitated.  
Would the revived patient still have the A.I.D.s virus??

Re: Cryonic Suspension and A.I.D.s virus

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