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Subject: Are there reactions in our body that can take place without enzymes?

Date: Mon May 16 01:21:20 2011
Posted by Dhanya
Grade level: undergrad School: Kerala Agriculture University
City: Trivandrum State/Province: Kerala Country: India
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 1305534080.Bc

I understand that enzymes play a crucial role in accelerating and regulating 
the rate of reactions in our body but isnt there any reaction in our body which 
can proceed without the intervention of enzymes just like there are chemical 
reactions which can proceed without catalysts?
Also I understand that most of the reactions in our body proceed at a steady 
state that is these do not achieve equilibrium.Then why does the body depend 
upon enzymes which accelerate the rate of reaction manifold and helps to attain 
equilibrium faster? 
One last question.When I read about this topic.I found that a particular 
reaction when happening invitro with the help of Fe as catalyst gives 30000 
molecules of the product but when the same occurs in the presence of catalase 
enzyme which has Fe as cofactor the rate of product formation is 10000000 or 
so...What brings about this kind of a difference in the reaction?Is it the 
additional structure of the protein(enzyme) that helps to hold the substrates 
together which facilitates the reaction faster than Fe could?
Thank you for your valuable time in answering my questions.

Re: Are there reactions in our body that can take place without enzymes?

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