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Subject: What did I see in the sky?

Date: Mon Jul 25 20:31:15 2011
Posted by Gary
Grade level: nonaligned School: none
City: Corpus Christi State/Province: Texas Country: USA
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1311651075.As

In Dec. 2003 at 930 am Clear cold morning. I was traveling South in South 
Texas. I saw a black object the size of a volleyball enter the earths 
atmosphere. I seemed to be moving very slow. Fire started in the front of the 
object. I watched this over 1 min. Then there was a Flash and it was gone. I 
estimate the object was over the King Ranch near Kingsville. The object had to 
be huge in size. I have tried ti investigate and the only thing I could find 
near that date was a lot of Metoerites landing near NY.

Re: What did I see in the sky?

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