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Subject: Is there any interaction between electron-neutrino and virtual electron ?

Date: Sun Jul 24 06:44:32 2011
Posted by Birol
Grade level: grad (science) School: No school entered.
City: Mosbach State/Province: BW Country: GERMANY
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1311515072.Ph

Dear Sir,

There is a question which is puzzling me very much. Would you please help me, 
if possible many references and also Feynman diagrams if needed, also deep 
analysis please !

a- The electron-neutrino is a particle with weak interaction, the value of the 
crossing neutrinos our planet each second is enormous high. How can we define 
the interaction between and electron neutrino and virtual electron particle 
which fills the vacuum (vacuum state), is it possible to create a real 
electron from this interaction, would you write the reaction please, there may 
be many steps.

b- When and how does an electron-neutrino transform into an electron and vice 
versa ? 

c  Assume a parallel plate condenser, there is an electric field between the 
plates, which means virtual photons are exchanged. There are also electron-
neutrinos which trans pass this electric field, now we have virtual photons 
and electron-neutrinos, can we create electrons from a certain interaction 
between these virtual photons (electric field) and electron-neutrinos ? Why ?

d- Again choice (c) but this time, take also the virtual electrons into 
account, so we have the electron-neutrino, virtual photon and the virtual 
electron, we want to produce real electrons, is there a defined reaction for 
this purpose, would you please write all the possible reactions step by step ?

e- Would you please discuss choice (c) and (d), but this time, we have a 
moving electric field which is changing, in another case, a magnetic field, 
and again an electromagnetic field which means photons, all these fields have 
interaction with electron-neutrions, in another case also with virtual 
electron particles, the production of real electrons are sought, what can you 
say and how would you define these steps ?

Yours Sincerely,
Birol Oezgen

Re: Is there any interaction between electron-neutrino and virtual electron ?

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