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Subject: cell transport protein, magnesium

Date: Tue Jul 12 19:07:54 2011
Posted by nha
Grade level: nonaligned School: n/a
City: philadelphia State/Province: pa Country: 19120
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 1310522874.Cb

okay i have asked this question before and looked at the archives, i think 
maybe the scientist misunderstood my question, i'll try again, what i'm trying 
to figure out is if the magnesium ion can get into the cell via another 
pathway besides the normal uptake pathway(magnesium/ATPase pathway). okay so 
normally the magnesium ion is taken into the cell via the the magnesium/ATPase 
enzyme. now if we wanted to get magnesium into the cell through another 
pathway. suppose we were able to bound able to bond magnesium to an amino 
acid, would this magnesium+amino acid compound be able to get into the cell 
via the amino acid pathway?

Re: cell transport protein, magnesium

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