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Subject: what will happen to plants fi they are fertilised with an illegal drug?

Date: Wed Jul 20 23:56:58 2011
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Grade level: undergrad School: university
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Area of science: Botany
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hi, please answer my question dont ignore it. i promise this si nto a joke 
question i am serious my friend told me her father uses a type fo drug to 
fertilise the plants he is growing becuase apparantly the drugs will make them 
grow faster. i dotn knwo if she was telling the truth or joking but if she is 
and if her father is growing herbs/vegetables with the intention to sell them 
then i need to inform the police. so please dont ignore my question 

if you fertilise herbs and vegetables with marijuana or any other type of 
illegal drug (like ecstacy, heroin, cocaine etc) the drugs will make the 
herbs/vegetables grow faster, is this true? 

secondly if a herb or vegetable is fertilised with an illegal drug, what will 
happen to the person who eats this herb/vegetable? will it cause them any 

by fertilise i mean if you in any way add drugs to the herb/vegetable while it 
is still growing like for example if you take some powdered ecstacy and mix it 
in with the soil that the herbs are growing in etc

Re: what will happen to plants fi they are fertilised with an illegal drug?

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