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Subject: How can I redo my science fair project to include testing

Date: Sun Sep 11 18:16:46 2011
Posted by Jeremy
Grade level: 4-6 School: Mt. Lebanon Elementary School
City: Pendleton State/Province: SC Country: USA
Area of science: Agricultural Sciences
ID: 1315790206.Ag

I recently did a science fair project.  The judges said it was one of the 
best, no doubt, but I did not place because it did not include testing 
something 3 times.  I tracked how many miles a common household meal traveled 
to reach my dinner table.  Fun and exciting, and unbelievable results.  How 
can I change project to test something?  I tracked chicken, green beans, rice, 
tea and condiments (salt, pepper, sugar). Even talked to a local farmer to get 
reasons why we should buy locally.

Re: How can I redo my science fair project to include testing

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