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Re: Can scorpions change color when they die?

Date: Sun Nov 6 06:16:22 2011
Posted By: dave armstrong, Faculty, Biology,Bath College
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1315257518.Zo

First, Jane, I checked which scorpions you can get in the Nevada desert.

This question is very difficult to answer without the species information, and after you've learned that - it's impossible!!!

Parasitism is the most obvious solution to your scorpion's problem, but it could also be that the animal had its old skin when you first saw it, then dropped it and became tan coloured.

As it's only half an inch long, and looked swollen, its likely to be moulting. I'm also wondering if you wear glasses or could have been distracted. The small scorpion could easily have been with one of its siblings, in which case you could have come across two colour variations!

Crazy, I think I am now! You probably went through all of these ideas when it happened. As it's driving me round the bend, I'll conclude by saying:

  1. Please supply some data, if not a picture in all these ID cases
  2. Check with neighbours to see if they have had any such experience (That could work in two ways)
  3. Please keep asking anyway, as normally we can use our great experience of deserts and scorpions and lady's slipper orchids.

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