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Subject: How to trace a cybercrook using dial-up?

Date: Sat Dec 24 17:24:04 2011
Posted by Green
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I have a purely-hypothetical question. None of this is really happening but I'm
just interested in it.

Let's say there is a cybercrook who uses a dial-up internet connection to do his
deeds. The authorities are unable track him down via any of his electronic IDs
[such as MAC address, IP address, ANI number, etc] or his billing statements. 

The police have only one option -- that is to trace his physical/geographic
location without assistance from the aforementioned forms of help.

If the crook were using his wireless adapter to latch onto wi-fi networks to
access the internet, the cops could triangulate his location using ADF/RDF. This
obviously wouldn't work on a dial-up connection which is wired throughout its

Is there any hope of tracing this bad guy?



Re: How to trace a cybercrook using dial-up?

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