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Subject: Which bacterium fits these categories?

Date: Mon Dec 5 21:54:24 2011
Posted by Green
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Area of science: Microbiology
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What is the smallest bacterium that fits all of the following categories?:

1. Not gram-negative
2. Free of lipopolysaccharide
3. Coagulase-negative
4. Relies solely on homolactate fermentation for energy and therefore does not
generate any CO2.
5. Aerotolerant-anaerobic [can survive in oxygen but doesn't use it for
respiration or otherwise require it].
6. Hemolysin-negative
7. Free of super-antigens
8. Non-allergenic

Please note this is not a homework question but simply a question of my genuine

Thanks a bunch,


Re: Which bacterium fits these categories?

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