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Subject: Does cadmium sulphide possess property of superconductivity?

Date: Sat Mar 3 09:21:00 2012
Posted by amit
Grade level: grad (science) School: TPICIT
City: Aurangabad State/Province: maharashtra Country: India
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1330791660.Ph

Cds(Cadmium Sulphide) is a photoconductive material (i.e. when light falls on 
it, it will become a conductor
Else it works as a resistor). As we know some metals possess property like 
superconductivity at their critical 
Temperature.  Does Cadmium sulphide possess the same property 
(superconductivity) at some critical
Temperature. If so then can we switch on or off superconductivity of Cds (at 
itís critical temperature)
by means of switching light on or off falling on it? Another property of 
superconductor is : it blocks magnetic field surrounding it.
If we place photoconductive superconductor in magnetic field & continuously 
switch on & off light falling on it(by using electronic timer) it will cut 
magnetic flux (it will block magnetic field when it is superconductor & magnetic 
field passed through
It when it works as a resistor). As per the faradays law electricity will be 
generated in photoconductive material. If it happens then there will be no loss 
in converting light energy into electrical energy, as there is no moving part.  

Re: Does cadmium sulphide possess property of superconductivity?

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