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Subject: Is it possible to assume Light a compression wave of Photons ?

Date: Sat Jun 9 05:15:15 2012
Posted by Birol
Grade level: grad (science) School: Science Club
City: Mosbach am Neckar State/Province: Baden Württemberg Country: GERMANY
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1339244115.Ph

Dear Sir,

A question is puzzling my mind, what happens, if we assume a light beam 
consisting of photons (ballistic theory of light) this would be a kind of 
matter wave (boson gas), we are able to compress this matter-wave while 
photons are bosons and they are characterized by their obedience to Bose–
Einstein statistics. Two or more bosons can occupy the same quantum state, as 
we see in a Laser beam, the more intense the beam, the more photons are 
consisting. If so, this would be a kind of matter wave (if we assume that 
photons are a kind of matter-particle, corpuscle) in such a situation, for 
example for a laser beam, it seems possible to change its speed, like in a 
longituidnal matter wave (plasma for example) if we consider the light beam as 
a beam of photons, can we apply a longitudinal wave concept where also the 
speed may change, why ?

Also Emission theories obey the principle of relativity by having no preferred 
frame for light transmission, but say that light is emitted at speed "c" 
relative to its source instead of applying the invariance postulate. Thus, 
emitter theory combines electrodynamics and mechanics with a simple Newtonian 

2- The photon density in space is very high, we may assume these photons as a 
transmission medium for the propagation of light, this would again need a 
longitudinal wave concept for the photons (light ?) what about the possibility 
of such a longitudinal-photon wave concept ?

3- Light waves (assume a laser beam between two points in space) have enough 
energy and can easily make the virtual photons on their transmission direction 
(trajectory) real, so, would be number of the photons at the receiver higher 
if compared with the photon number at the transmitter ?

Yours Sincerely,
Birol Oezgen

Re: Is it possible to assume Light a compression wave of Photons ?

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