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Subject: What made the wooden toothpic move towards humans.

Date: Tue Jun 26 13:09:24 2012
Posted by Angel
Grade level: 10-12 School: N/A
City: Wewahitchka State/Province: Florida Country: America
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1340741364.Ph

My brother placed his toothpic( wooden) on the metal part of his bic lighter. 
Forming a T, with the toothpic being at the top of the T.It rotater could 
towards him as he moved. he walked a few feet away and it jumped off of the 
lighter towards him. I could make it move if I put my finger about an inch 
from it. It acted like a magnet, sorta. We were in storm conditions.Tropical 
storm Debbie was on her way in and in fact his electric went out for a 

Re: What made the wooden toothpic move towards humans.

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