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Re: Is there a moderately easy way to make canola oil more viscous?

Date: Mon Aug 20 16:24:16 2012
Posted By: Robert LaBudde, President
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1345330681.Ch

Interesting question.

You mention two different properties of canola oil: viscosity and
'stickiness'. Viscosity affects the speed of flow through frictional
losses, but the flow will still occur. 'Stickiness' would relate to surface
tension or cohesive forces between the oil and pasta. 

'Stickiness' is difficult to affect, so I'll pass on that.

Viscosity can be increased by adding long chain molecules to the oil. This
is done in motor oils. An oil soluble gum would work best. Try xanthan gum.
Alternative you can mix in a long change oil or fat. You can experiment
with high melting point oils, such as cottonseed or coconut, or with
Crisco. Anything you can get to dissolve in canola oil. You could even mix
olive oil with it! :)

If you're using canola oil for cost, there are many possible viscosity
improvers. If you're keen on nutrition, most of the oil/fat additives will
impact saturated fat content. Grapeseed oil is very nutritious and more
viscous than olive oil. Gums don't impact nutrition adversely.

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