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Subject: Was energy released in Cockcroft and Walton's 1932 experiment?

Date: Mon Sep 3 14:41:22 2012
Posted by Donovan
Grade level: undergrad School: TNCC
City: Newport News State/Province: VA Country: usa
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1346708482.Ph

I found one reference on the internet which says that Cockcroft and Walton's 
1932 experiment released not only aplha particles, but also emitted photons of 
17 MeV!  The source is listed below.  I tried to check other educational and 
government references to confirm this, but they all only mention the alpha 

The source is provided below.  You have to move the page up just a little to see  
where it says it.  

Is this author wrong, or do other references just leave the gamma out for some 

And Scroll up 1 page to see the text

Re: Was energy released in Cockcroft and Walton's 1932 experiment?

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