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Re: if the equation to find the height of a mushroom cloud from a nuclear bomb?

Date: Tue Dec 4 00:51:31 2012
Posted By: Sidney Chivers, Math and physics tutor
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1352839780.Ph

There are numerous resources on the internet, just two of those being the 

Trinity Atomic Web Site

Effects of nuclear explosions

A better technical reference, if you can still find a copy, is:

Effects of Nuclear Weapons, Glasstone and Dolan, US GPO, Washington, DC, 

Double check your terminology.  It is more common to compute the height 
of burst as a function of yield, and is simply algebra to determine the 
yield, given the height of burst.  The cloud height is not the same as 
the height of burst.

Good luck with your paper.


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