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Subject: Can I find the concentration of Bacteria inYogurt using a Spectrophotometer

Date: Thu Jan 3 20:06:27 2013
Posted by Indranil
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Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 1357268787.Mi

Hello! I am in the IB program, and I want to do an experiment where I will test 
the ideal temperature at which bacteria cultures die. My teacher prefers that I 
don't culture bacteria in the lab, so I decided to use the bacteria found in 
standard yogurt (L. Bulgaricus & L. Streptococcus). In my experiment I will add 
yogurt in pure water and measure the concentration of of the yogurt in the water 
using a spectrophotometer (Spec 20). I will then heat the mixture and again 
check the concentration, with the intention of observing changes in the 
concentration of the bacteria in the yogurt.

My concern, however, is whether heating the mixture will change or affect other 
factors such as killing enzymes or proteins in the mixture, as it will affect my 
results. Also, is there a better way of carrying out this experiment...or is 
there a better way of getting the bacteria cultures?

You help is great appreciated!

Re: Can I find the concentration of Bacteria inYogurt using a Spectrophotometer

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