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Subject: Is there a 'brain beat'?

Date: Mon Apr 1 13:09:02 2013
Posted by Joshua
Grade level: grad (science) School: Graceland University
City: Lamoni State/Province: IA Country: USA
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 1364846942.Ns

Does the brain have a regular "beat", similar to a heart? Not necessarily a
physical throb, but more a repeating set of signals that it sends out regularly?

The reason this question came up is I got a calcium deficiency a few days ago,
and experience the tell-tale sign of a "regular buzzing". My curiosity was
sparked while Looking into this, the buzzing is supposedly caused by nerve
signals misfiring in the affected area... but as I read more reports online by
people experiencing the same thing, the area of the buzzing could vary
significantly, but the timing was almost always the same 3-5 seconds of buzz
followed by 3-5 seconds of stoppage. Since the area affected and amount of
calcium deficiency is variable, the only commonality for timing seemed to be its
connection to the nervous system. So, this got me asking, is this indicative of
a regular brain signal, a "brain beat"? That the body would have such a thing
makes sense, every part of the body could use the same brain-beat for its timing
movements and constant muscle work, and allow an regular method for the brain to
keep updated on the body's situations, and I find it an interesting hypothesis
and wonder if such a thing has already been checked for.

Re: Is there a 'brain beat'?

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