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Re: What is it REALLY like being a Forensic Anthropologist?

Date: Tue Jun 25 01:45:27 2013
Posted By: Sean Hunt, Head of Chemistry, Teacher, Forensic Scientist
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 1366735288.An

Hi Whitney,

Thank you for your interesting question. If you are talking about the TV show Bones then for the most part the show reflects the work of a forensic anthropologist quite well. This may be due to the fact that the scientific advisor to the show is Kathy Reichs who is a forensic anthropologist and author.

As she has said herself, the science in the show is accurate, although it is rare that outside of the FBI or private labs that you would find such expensive equipment. It is also rare that you would have all the drama in real life that is associated with TV shows. It is a job and people are professional. Also it would be highly unusual for Forensic Anthropologists to be involved in interviewing suspects and witnesses although they do work with the police and do attend crime scenes. For further information check out the links below:

Sean Hunt MSc (Forensic Science)

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