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Subject: Clutch slipping due to adjustable spring force.

Date: Thu Dec 5 05:21:44 2013
Posted by Rik
Grade level: undergrad School: NRC newtownabbey
City: Belfast State/Province: Antrim Country: Northern Ireland
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1386246104.Eg

What i would like to know is:
I have a simple two plate clutch, and rotational force is being applied to it.
I want it to slip at a point that i can predetermine using a spring that 
applies force to one of the plates (the other plate is fixed in place and 
cannot move [lateral,longitudinal or rotaional])
Ignoring wear and tear, could spring force and slipping point be plotted on a 
straight line graph?

I'm asking because I think I have a cracking idea for my engineering project 
this year. If all goes well, I may even design a prototype.
Cheers, Rik

Re: Clutch slipping due to adjustable spring force.

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