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Subject: neutrino oscillation, right-left flipping, decay, Higgs, mass ->how?

Date: Tue Sep 9 11:19:19 2014
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I read before that neutrino oscillation is a type of particle decay (that decays
back and forth, from one type to the next and comes back to the original
particle (among 3 neutrino types?))?
If so, *how top quark gain mass from Higgs field by flipping back and forth
between top-left to top-right particle is also a type of (back and forth) decay?
top-left decays to top-right and decays back to top left and this repeats? Is
this flipping a type of decay?
If so, how can decaying from one type to the next give top quark mass? higher
flipping rate -> higher frequency at rest -> more mass? but how and why can
Higgs field force top-left decay (convert) to a top-right and vice versa?

* Fig. 5

Re: neutrino oscillation, right-left flipping, decay, Higgs, mass ->how?

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