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Subject: Please could you help me. I would like to carry out an experiment to show

Date: Thu Apr 13 14:38:51 2000
Posted by Natasha Hunt
Grade level: teacher/prof School: Suffolk College
City: Ipswich State/Province: No state entered. Country: ENGLAND
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 955654731.Gb

why leaves in autumn are a range of different colours from green through 
various shades of yellow to brown. I can explain the chemical changes 
involved in this series of colour changes but I cannot think of a suitable 
experiment which will prove this biological factor.If you do know a simple 
experiment which could be carried out by students in a lab then I would be 
extremely grateful if you could get back to me and share your idea with 
me, also, It would help if you gave me a list of appartus that may be 
needed for the type of experiment. I am asking you this question because I 
am an A level student studying Human Biology and I would like to do this 
certain obsevation for an assignment. It would really help me understand 
my project if you gave me an idea of a simple experiment which I can carry 
out in class.I have asked my Biology teacher,`Graham Brindle' if he could 
give me an idea but he hasn't a clue either and he suggested for me to 
write to you. Thankyou for your time in reading my quetsion and once again 
I am very grateful, Yours sincerely, Natasha Hunt age. 18

Re: Please could you help me. I would like to carry out an experiment to show

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