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Re: Who invented the first remote control toy?

Date: Wed Apr 14 17:36:59 1999
Posted By: Kamran Siddiqui, Grad student, Computer Engineering, Wayne State University
Area of science: Science History
ID: 923677296.Sh

Hi Glenn,
Well, the remote control can be classified into two categories.
1) Wired remote control
2) Wireless remote control

And as to the application of remote control in toys. The first thing that
catches my mind is the Kite. (Ofcourse it is a great pastime and a wired
remote control toy!).

Kites have made their appearance over three thousand years ago, in China.
All the right materials were found there, for it's making: Bambou for the
frame, and silk for the sail and bridle. It had a mythical and religious
dimension. Later it was experimented as a science instrument for various
researches. From China, the kite was reproduced throughout Asia, then
later, in Europe, and now, in the modern age, in America, Australia and
other countries.

Now as a far as the wireless remote control, the first experiments were
conducted by Zenith corporation to be implemented in their television sets
in 1957. These remote control units used ultrasound as the communication
media. And they were the first to invent the wired remote control for TV
sets too!.

You can find a brief history of the remote control in RealAudio format at
the following link.
History of the remote (Television) control:

Another great site for remote control cars and planes

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