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Subject: What is the difference between compression and tensil Streangth?

Date: Sun Feb 21 11:08:02 1999
Posted by lindsey reeder
Grade level: K-3 School: Warwick Pointe Acadamy
City: Grand Blanc State/Province: Michigan Country: USA
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 919616882.Eg

My Science Fair Project is on the Streangth difference between the pointed side 
of achicken eggshell and the round side.
I read in message id# 889551498 by Lawrence Skarin that that "the pointtier 
arch is more efficient than the circuler one in creating compressive reaction 
force."  What does this mean?
I don't understand!  Could you please help me?  Also, what would be a good 
equation to use in determining the stress kg/m squared?  I think my dad will 
have to help me with the math!!

Thank you for your help,
Lindsey Reeder
Warwick Pointe Acadamy
3rd grader

Re: What is the difference between compression and tensil Streangth?

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