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Subject: Can I interview a Zoologist?

Date: Mon Apr 19 19:25:07 1999
Posted by Jennifer Zaenkert
Grade level: undergrad School: Miami University Hamilton Campus
City: Okeana State/Province: Ohio Country: United States of America
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 924567907.Zo

I am currently working on a project for my Career Development
class and was wondering if it would be possible to interview a
Zoologist.  Some of the questions I need answered are:
1. What field did you expect and prepare to enter originally?
2. What preparation is necessary to become a Zoologist?
3. What do you do during a typical work day?
4. What are the greatest rewards and toughest demands of your job?
5. What is the employment outlook for a Zoologist?
6. If your present job were to become obsolete, in what kinds of
   jobs could you apply your current skill?
7. How does your job affect your lifestyle (dress, leisure time,
   home life, vacation, social life, etc.)?
8. How do people find out about openings in your line of work?
9. What opportunities exist for advancement and/or lateral movement?
10. How would you advise me to better prepare for this work?
Any other information you could provide for me would be greatly
appreciated.  Thank you for your time.

Re: Can I interview a Zoologist?

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