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Re: Factors effecting enzymes and on their chemical bonds?

Date: Sat Aug 12 23:36:35 2000
Posted By: Alvan Hengge, Faculty, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Utah State University
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 965896442.Ch


When a protein denatures, the covalent bonds linking the amino acid units 
are not affected.  What changes is the three-dimensional shape of the 
protein polymer.  This shape is determined by a myriad of weak interactions, 
including hydrogen bonds and other electrostatic interactions.  Extremes of 
temperature or pH will cause a protein to denature.  An example is cooking 
an egg.  The changes in color and texture that occur during the cooking of 
an egg are the direct result of the proteins in the egg undergoing 
denaturation.  Here are some web links to the topic. 

Link to the denaturation of enzymes:

On proteins in general:

From the Encyclopedia Britannica:

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