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Subject: Why does only one half of the electric pickle light up?

Date: Sat Jul 1 10:25:21 2000
Posted by ahargus
Grade level: teacher/prof School: University Prep Academy
City: seattle State/Province: wa Country: USA
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 962461521.Ch

(Different question from similar one posted.)  In demonstrations of a pickle 
connected to 110 volts AC, I find that only one end of the pickle lights up 
each time.  Since the current is alternating, there should be no "cathode 
effect" causing positive sodium ions at only ONE end to lose energy, 
lighting up. Why not an equal glow from both electreodes? Hypothesis:  The 
pickle becomes a diode, rectifying the current...  HELP!

Re: Why does only one half of the electric pickle light up?

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