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Subject: Magnetic Monopole?

Date: Fri Jun 26 00:25:14 1998
Posted by Steve Ivy
Grade level: grad (science)
School: Been there done that, BS in BS
City: Dallas State/Province: TX
Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 898838714.Ph

I am well aware that a magnetic monopole is not supposed to exist but I have an interesting real and or thought experiment that may challenge this hypothesis. Take for instance a very thick walled sphere made of a magnetic material and break/machine it into many thin pyramidal segments that can be reassembled into a near perfect sphere. Now you magnetize all the segments with the same physical polarity ie south on the big end and north on the little end. Now force all the magnets back togather into a sphere and glue them into place. Now for the question, what does the magnetic field look like?

Re: Magnetic Monopole?

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