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Subject: Resonance frequencies

Date: Wed Aug 12 15:12:36 1998
Posted by Flavio Ribeiro
Grade level: 10-12
School: No school entered.
City: Sao Paulo State/Province: SP
Country: Brazil
Area of science: Physics
ID: 902952756.Ph


I was wondering what makes a certain material resonate with a certain
frequency. Which factors influence an object's resonating frequency?

I've also searched the net for some list of resonating frequencies
for different materials (considering they are pure or in normal state)
but I didn't find anything. Is it just my first impression or this
area doesn't receive any attention?
Can you point me to somebody who can give me a list or at least
a way to get a list?

As for water's resonating frequency, I found out it's 2.3GHz. How
do microwave ovens tune this? I understand it's very difficult to
tune high-frequency waves, because a 1mm ajustment would throw you
off. And if water resonates exactly at 2.300.000.000Hz, which
would be your range of error (I mean, the variation you can have
and still being able to make water resonate acceptably).

Thanks a lot.


Re: Resonance frequencies

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