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Subject: Can radioactive decay be 'stimulated' by particle beams?

Date: Wed Dec 6 14:35:10 2000
Posted by Thomas
Grade level: teacher/prof School: Liberty Science Center
City: Jersey City State/Province: NJ Country: US
Area of science: Physics
ID: 976131310.Ph

Is there any unstable nucleide that can be stimulated into decaying at 
faster than the normal rate for the species  Under normal circumstances, a 
high energy particle beam may cause transmutations, of course, as has been 
done with protons, neutrons, deutrons, etc. The concept is to 'tweak" 
unstable nucleides with exotic particle beams, mesons, or others, to 
interfere with the binding force so as to prompt a decay event.  Has anyone 
looked into the possibility of this occuring, and how would the event 
distinguish itself in ths cacophony of emissions occuring during an 
accelerator run?

Re: Can radioactive decay be 'stimulated' by particle beams?

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