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Re: which matierial absorbs dye the best?

Date: Fri Dec 15 17:59:00 2000
Posted By: Gregory Fike, Grad student, Paper Science, Institute of Paper Science & Technology
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 974223068.Eg

Thanks for your question Sheena.  I can't answer your question about which 
materials absorbs dyes the best because there are different types of dyes 
that attach themselves the surfaces in different ways.  The different types 
of dyes have been developed so you can pick the dye you need based on the 
material you need to dye.  

Before modern science, dyes were found through trial and error.  Now we 
know that if we want to color a hydrophobic material (many synthetic 
polymers, for example) you need to use a hydrophobic dye.  So, you really 
need to have a specific material in mind before you can choose a dye.  

I found several web sites that may help you with some more information.

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