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Subject: Is there a high-voltage powerstorage system, and how it is handled?

Date: Wed Nov 1 13:12:54 2000
Posted by Gaby Mazzawi
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Area of science: Engineering
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I am trying to find storage systems that outperform batteries in their 
capacity. I even considered 100V supercapacitors. I find that there is no 
difficulty in controlling the output voltage using off-the shelf 
regulators, but their capacity-to-weight ratio turned-out to be miserable. 
I have found higher energy density capacitors, but their operation voltage 
might pass the 10,000 Volts, and I'm unfamiliar with adequate switching 
devices. Even IGBT switches might fail at these voltages and shortcircuit 
the capacitors. If a storage device that powers an electric vehicle is 
short-circuited and has no circuit-breaker, it becomes very dangerous. 
What other techniques are used to controle such high-voltage discharges? 
To avoid capacitors leakage current, is there an alternative storage 
system that retains electric charge using the ion-trap principle or 
charged water?

Re: Is there a high-voltage powerstorage system, and how it is handled?

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