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Subject: Which is worse 'environmentally,' paper, styrofoam, or reuseable dishes?

Date: Wed Dec 27 19:21:45 2000
Posted by Steph
Grade level: 7-9 School: Chance School
City: Louisville State/Province: KY Country: 40207
Area of science: Environment & Ecology
ID: 977962905.En

We go to a dinner at our local church, and they use Styrofoam plates and 
cups.  We wonder what is better for the environment, using Styrofoam or 
paper plates or washing reusable plates.  Some people tell us reusable 
plates use so much water and wasted energy that it is just as bad 
environmentally as the disposables.  We cannot believe that is true.  Are 
there any articles or other information that address this issue, comparing 
the energy used to wash the dishes verses all the garbage costs or 
recycling costs? 
Steph and Tyler

Re: Which is worse 'environmentally,' paper, styrofoam, or reuseable dishes?

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