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Posted By: Kurt Pickett, Grad student Entomology, Ohio State University / Museum of Biological Diversity
Date: Thu Nov 21 23:48:13 1996
Message ID: 840907460.Gb

Well Nathan,

That's not an easy question. No insects enter a state that is exactly like human sleep, but many insects do rest during the day or night. These rests are called quiescent periods. Insects in these resting periods have a slower metabolism--that is, their body functions (including breath and heart rates) slow down and use less energy. But, during these rests, insects do not "close their eyes" like we do, because they don't have eyelids. Also, insects must stay somewhat alert during these rests to ensure that they are not eaten by predators.

In addition to these daily resting periods, most insects enter a yearly deep sleep called diapause. Diapause is similar to hibernation.

Hope this is what you needed. Good luck!

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