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Re: Kangaroos

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Posted By: Keith McGuinness, Faculty Biology
Date: Mon Nov 25 19:54:31 1996
Message ID: 845059250.Zo

Barry Hall asked:

To answer this question I went to The Australian Museum Complete Book of Australian Mammals (edited by Ronald Strahan, Angus and Robertson Publishers, 1983; the museum has a site here).

The book makes it clear that most kangaroos and related animals, like most Australian native mammals, are nocturnal. This is true even of some of the large kangaroos which we Australians would probably not think of as nocturnal (for example, the Red Kangaroo). While many of these animals are strictly nocturnal, and are very rarely, if ever, active during the daylight hours, several may be active during part of the early morning or late afternoon.

So...the short answer to your question is: "Yes, many kangaroos and wallabies are nocturnal".

A few appropriate quotes:

Some sites with information about kangaroos:

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