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Subject: chlorophyll / hemoglobin

Date: Sun Oct 27 22:00:25 1996
Posted by: Matthew Barchok
Grade level: 10-12
School/Organization: Madison High School
City: Madison State/Province: Ohio
Country: U.S.A.
Area of science: Molecular Biology
Message ID: 846475225.Mb
The molecular structure of chlorophyll greatly resembles 
the structure of the heme part of hemoglobin.  Is it 
possible that hemoglobin in animals evolved from a 
chlorophyll-like molecule in an early life form?  Could the
hemoglobin molecule effectively carry oxygen if its iron 
atom were replaced with chlorophyll's magnesium atom?
Could a chlorophyll molecule effectively harness sunlight 
with an iron atom in place of its magnesium atom?

Re:chlorophyll / hemoglobin

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