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Re: why do we have different days each month?

Area: Astronomy
Posted By: John Link, Physics
Date: Fri Jan 10 17:17:18 1997

The number of days in the months has originated through a long and tortuous history of the calendar. Here are some hyperlinks I have found using the search engines Yahoo, Lycos, and Alta Vista:

Origins of the Gregorian Calendar

The Home Page of Calendar Reform

A Partial Explanation of the Days Assigned to Months

What is interesting is that, although the length of the year has been pretty well defined, the assignment of the lengths of the months seems to be a bit murky. Indeed, if I were assigning days to the months I would probably do something like the following:

Jan: 31 Jul: 30
Feb: 30 Aug: 30
Mar: 31 Sep: 31
Apr: 30 Oct: 30
May: 31 Nov: 31
Jun: 30 Dec: 30

for a total of 365 days in the year. I would use the leap year formula to add a day to the month of July in leap years.

Have fun looking for more information on calendars on the Internet!!

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