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Re: Can you please tell me what the ideal temperature for humans to live in is?

Area: General Biology
Posted By: Julianne Dunphy,
Date: Mon Sep 22 10:14:34 1997
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 873957670.Gb

That is a very good question and also a very difficult one to answer.  For 
most organisms, there is a very narrow temperature range in which they can 
best live, but since humans can easily adapt to a variety of temperatures 
(for example, by putting on a heavy coat) we can live in a much wider range 
of temperatures with ease.  

In general, the ideal temperature for animals to live in would be a 
temperature where an organism can obtain food, grow and reproduce.  This 
temperature range may not always be the same for these activities.  For 
example, the pupfish can *tolerate* temperatures between 36-111 degrees F, 
but can only develop or grow between 68-99 degrees and even more striking, 
can only reproduce between the temperatures of 75-86.  So you see how for 
animals in the wild, ideal temperature is a very complex issue.  Were 
humans to live without the capacity to invent clothing or air conditioning, 
it probably would be similarly complex.  However, humans actually do live 
in environments where the temperature can be as low as -60 and as high as 
110-120.  Since humans can adapt to such a range of temperatures, the ideal 
temperature then becomes in issue of what is most comfortable.  That 
temperature varies from individual to individual but is in the range of 65-

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