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Subject: What is the difference of Vortex and Venturi effect?

Date: Wed Sep 17 22:43:06 1997
Posted by bob f howard
Grade level:
School: na
City: San Gabriel State/Province: Ca
Country: USA
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 874554186.Eg
I'm interested in the Vortex and Venturi as it effects the internal 
combustion engine. I have seen some pictures and diagrams of a 
Venturi, and it looks like a longer tube, not necessarily a narrower 
funnel, which I thought it was. The Vortex + a Venturi seems to move 
gaseous air from one container to another much faster, is that right?
How can they work together more efficiently?

Re: What is the difference of Vortex and Venturi effect?

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