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Subject: How can a person be a part of an electrical circuit?

Date: Sat Nov 14 22:59:04 1998
Posted by Susan Holland
Grade level: undergrad
School: University of Texas
City: Austin State/Province: Texas
Country: USA
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 911105944.Eg

I'm trying to recreate the system in a toy called an Energy Orb. It
was a plastic ball with a flashligh bulb (or LED)and two watch
batteries in it.  There was no on/off switch, but there were two
strips of metal on the surface of the plastic, and the light would
come on if a person touched both strips.  Or, if one person touched
one strip, and a different person touched the other, the light would
turn on when these persons touched each other.  I thought the person
was completing the circuit between the two batteries and the bulb. I'd
like to know how this worked or how to build a system that would work
this way.

Re: How can a person be a part of an electrical circuit?

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