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Re: Why do some sodium vapor street lights turn off and on randomly?

Date: Tue Dec 7 17:28:30 1999
Posted By: Michael L. Roginsky, Staff, Avionics, Honeywell Defense Avionics
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 944072809.Eg

Hi Chris: My suspicion is that the photoelectric circuit responsible for 
turning the light on when is dark has a temperature sensitive malfunction. 
It could be in the photocell itself or in the solid state switch that turns 
the light on and off. It could also be that mechanical contact is being 
broken as function of heat. The lamps require a few minutes to light up 
once the circuit is restored. Low-pressure sodium lights have a long life 
and are very efficient in converting electricity to light and are used 
extensively in street lighting. You might give the highway department a 
call to let them know the light is misbehaving!

I enclose a hyperlink to a web page about sodium streetlights.

Your MAD.SCI Micro

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