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Re: What is the hungriest animal?

Date: Sun Feb 13 14:14:51 2000
Posted By: David B. Hull,
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 949850018.Zo

Question: What is the hungriest animal?

Well that depends on how you define

 "Eagerly desirous, craving" - The
Reader's Digest Great Encyclopedic

But how to measure "hunger"?

For shear volumne, Blue Whales probably
take the prize at about 8 tons of krill
a day.

For voracious appetites, the pigmy
shrew takes it, eating twice its body
weight in insects a day

Note the correlation between size and
"hunger" .  This is based on a biological fact
that heat loss scales by surface area (i.e. approximately
the square of body length) while heat generation scales
by body mass (i.e. the cube of body length).
However, very big animals simply have very big appetites!
Notice this applies to mammals only since they are homeotherms.
Other animals do not maintain a constant body temperature, so
their food needs are considerably less.

For most wide ranging, human beings
take the prize, eating almost anything
and consuming almost everything!

And a hungry mind "grazing on the 'net"

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