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Re: Is it currently accepted that great apes are Pongidae or Hominidae?

Date: Fri Feb 16 16:55:28 2001
Posted By: Will Higgs, Grad student, Zooarchaeology, University of York
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 982350855.Zo


Yes, it does seem that following DNA analysis, the great apes and humans 
have been found to be very closely related, and have been placed in 
the same family.  Here are some useful websites for checking this:

This is the Smithsonian Mammal Species of the World website, where you can 
find the relationships of all the world's 4600 or so mammals.

The Smithsonian site says that this is the book which caused the change in 
Groves, C. P. 1989. A theory of human and primate evolution. Oxford 
University Press, New York, 375 pp. 

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