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Subject: What is the shape of time?

Date: Sun Jan 21 12:29:58 2001
Posted by Gary Hensarling
Grade level: teacher/prof School: Da Vinci's Playhouse
City: Talent State/Province: OR Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 980098198.Ph

If time can be considered as the sequence of events that flow through a 
given point; and if all events travel by means of fields that expand as 
spheres at C ; then can we consider time as spatial distortions that 
expand as spheres at C ?

Instead of looking at time as a line that leaves behind a record of the 
past as it moves on to a future which lies further down the line, perhaps 
time is interwoven with space, changing with it.

The electromagnetic events that will cross my position in one second are 
traveling towards me from a collapsing sphere 300,000,000 meters in radius 
(my future). The electromagnetic waves that crossed through my position 
one second ago (my past) have now traveled outward to form a sphere 
300,000,000 meters away. All of these traveling waves cross each other and 
form interference patterns as they cross. 

 My past is not sitting somewhere preserved like a picture I could travel 
to in a time machine. Instead that energy is expanding through all space, 
traveling through other energy fields, existing as present moments 
wherever interference takes place. 

Re: What is the shape of time?

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